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We are the Loyal Rebels Clan, our Motto is Friendship First ...It is a Motto we live by....It is a family type Clan where we help each other and enjoy each other's company....
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 This is me :)

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PostSubject: This is me :)    Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:16 pm

so, most of you know me already, but to those who don't or want to know more about me, here it goes :

my name is Cat, my brother is also in the clan, Roblautar, but you can call him Rob. sometimes we play on eachother's accounts for weekly games and the such like citadel, penguins, tears of guthix because we both have busy schedules and those things just gotta get done. We both live in Ohio, in the States. He is in high school (secondary school) and I am at university. I also have two part time jobs and a full time job during the summer so I will not be on much, if any, during June, July, and the begining of August. I have been playing RS for 7 years now and have been in this clan for a few months now. I love it! you guys are my family

I like music, friendly people, traveling, kids, horseback riding, animals, reading, movies, Starkid, and everything else a typical teen age, nerd girl likes.

I really enjoy talking, too, as most of you can tell just from this, heehee. so, please, feel free to talk to me via cc or pm.

Love y'all, Catlautar

P.S.- my brother is fairly shy and does not talk much, so if he does not respond to you, don't feel insulted. he's a nice guy though!
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PostSubject: Re: This is me :)    Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:22 pm

Dear Cat and Rob

Thank you for insight into your lives....your both lovely people...and I count myself and the clan lucky to have you both.....



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PostSubject: Re: This is me :)    Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:25 pm

Cat!!! Hi!!!
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PostSubject: Re: This is me :)    

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This is me :)
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