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 Citadel basic collection requirements

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PostSubject: Citadel basic collection requirements   Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:42 am

Dear Clan members....

We ask you to do certain amounts of each skill each week....I think it will be helpful to you all to understand citadel a little better.

Every week we have requirements of upkeep and building or upgrades of resourses....we must collect the upkeep for each resource before we can start collecting to build.

You can see these figures for yourself by looking at the graphs... for example for wc the upkeep is 3080 for stone 2840 for metal Bars 2345 and gold 60.......this is shown in red....gold or brown is upgrades..... surplus is green and accumulates towards the next tier update....once the upkeep is collected it is shown in the job list as 100% when all resouces are showing 100% we then start to build...

If you look at this week you will see we have far to many gold bars 684 when we only need 60....

enough wc to start building....but still need stone and bars....There can you just do metal bars until we tell you otherwise....

Please do no hesitate to post any questions you may have....


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PostSubject: Probably just some general ramblings   Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:43 am

Ello all,

Sorry if this gets a little long winded and i'll accept "too long didn't read" as an excuse lol

Firstly, Jo.. i cannot for the life of me either find or remember where i put the event guides, there are plenty of good ones out there on fansites so i can provide links to them or i can re-write them as we go, either way is fine with me. Let me know if you want them.

Congratulations to everyone who is involved in any way with this fine clan. What you/we have created here is a laid-back environment with very little (if any) drama. There are so many clans in rs who strive for what we have here and yet so few of them achieve it. All of you, regardless of stature in the clan (I am more than aware there are many more "silent" clanmembers who contribute in their own way, compared to the people who seem to have this wierd ability to talk non-stop, you know who you are!!!. i jest guys n gals honestly, but how do you manage it lol) deserve great thanks and shoudl take great pride in the clan you form a part of.

My only real gripe that i have concerns the citadel. In my mind the citadel is a wonderful invention, it allows people to work together as a team to build a home for their clan, and for helping towards the goals that we get a nice xp kickback (free xp > all if im honest). Now i have no problems with most of it, cap included. I fully appreciate you have to constantly ask people to do the city because if you don't, i have no doubts that a small majority wouldn't do it. Having a "set" cap is also a really good thing, it means that we can direct the focus of our work to areas that it is needed.

Although, I do however, feel that we could do a better job in respects of communicating where we are going with the citadel (what we are hoping to build this week etc..) and the levels of resources required. In this, and i am more than happy to discuss this with anyone at length, i mean that maybe 2-3 times a week a sticky could be created and the 1st post updated with how much of each resource we have, and how much we need in total for upkeep/building. Then give a total for each resource of how much we need to collect to achieve the weeks goals. We really need to be realistic about these goals, we arn't going to go from tier 5 to 6 citadel in a week, so in case like that set a % of the build we could achieve and work the resource values out to that. I know this info is available to view when you are actually at the citadel, but it would be really useful if people can at a glance see where we're at with the city, i feel it would also promote the citadel more and take some of the strain away of telling people to go do their cap.

I would appreciate any feedback anyone has on this topic. I really don't want to seem like im complaining, its more of an observation that i have a possible solution to. I may be the only one who feels this way, in which case i'll happily go back into my corner lol.


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PostSubject: Re: Citadel basic collection requirements   Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:18 am

Dear Pook

Thank you for the suggestion...it is a really good one, I regret we have gotten this far without my thinking of it....

But it is never to late ..I will post this sometime tomorrow...so you know just where we are with collections...and what else we need...I will do this weekly..

Jose (who is way better than me with maths) might like to post the caps so everyone can have a better understanding of city...



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PostSubject: Re: Citadel basic collection requirements   Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:48 pm

Calculating the Cap for the week

Resources Needed
prec bars...21227

The numbers above are taken from the citadel interface->show supplies->surplus. Only negative numbers are
considered since a 0 or positive number means we do not need any of that resource for upkeep or upgrade.
The numbers shown are from the week starting Feb. 21st.

.............% of total
prec bars...13.6
Divide the resource by the total, multiply by 100 to give a percentage of each resource needed.

wc...........x1 = 27.2
stone........x1 = 19.2
bars..........x3 = 56.5
prec bars...x3 = 40.8
cloth.........x1 = 21.2
This is the multiplier since bars and Precious bars take 3 cap points (mine ore+make charcoal+smith bar).

...........collect %
prec bars...24.8
Collect % is to get back to 100% total. This is done by dividing 100 by the total of the previous line,
which in this case is 165. This is the % of the 2000 cap we need for each resource.

...........cap points
prec bars...495
Number is the amount of cap for each resource, collect% mulitplied by our 2000 cap.

............split bars
bars..........229 ore + 229 charcoal + 229 smith bar
prec bars...165 prec ore + 165 charcoal + 165 smith prec bar
Divide bars and precious bars by 3 to split out the ore/charcoal/bars it takes to make them.

...........rough cap
prec ore....165
prec bars...165
List items seperately from split bars above, add the 2 charcoals together(229+165).

..........final cap
wc..........320 (or 200 summon + 120 wc)*
prec ore....170
prec bars...170
Round off numbers since they are easier to look at and deal with.

*The reason wc can be split into summon and wc is that you can summon a maximum of 200 and those points
count towards any resource you are short on for upkeep/upgrades. You cannot set where the summon
points go, they automatically go towards wc first, if that is not needed for upkeep/upgrades then they
go to stone and so on on down the line.

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PostSubject: Re: Citadel basic collection requirements   Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:57 pm

Whoot! That will be great info, especially for folks like me who have no clue how to determine what we need. I just follow the cap. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Citadel basic collection requirements   Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:11 am

Lol Willie

I figured it out eventually, but for the most part was like... ok these guys know what they're doing but i really have no clue how


If you want me to work the numbers out, just let me know what they are n ill get them back to you asap
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PostSubject: Re: Citadel basic collection requirements   Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:49 pm

Dear Members..

Please excuse my using Calpurnia....Morgarna is in Darkmeyer about to do battle with Vanstorm her knees are knocking....


Open the Citadel Interface:

The most important thing is COUNT...it tells us how many people have visited

citadel 6 requires 35 visitors to be able to build....if we do not get that amount

it doesn't build and only a % of what we collected carries over...

VIEW RESOURCES:- Shows you all the resources we have and how much we need for upkeep and how much we need to build..it shows what we have collected this week and what we have part paid...and what we need to collect..

EXAMPLE ...LOGS on the 25th feb 2012

TOTAL (what we have collected so far this week) 3413

UPKEEP (what we MUST collect first before we can start buiiding) 3510

UPGRADES (what we need to build tier6 citadel ) 39640

PART PAID ( what we have paid so far towards the upgrade) (20360)

SURPLUS ( what we need to collect to upgrade/build) 39737

GOAL (Total of what we needed to collect ) 60000

( 3413)




= 39737




The 97 extra we have comes from summoning I am not sure how to explain that....Jose is an engineer and will explain that far better than I ever could.

I hope this has helped everyone to understand resource collection better...Jose will explain how the caps for each week are worked out..




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PostSubject: Re: Citadel basic collection requirements   Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:50 pm

Thank you Jo!
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PostSubject: Re: Citadel basic collection requirements   

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Citadel basic collection requirements
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